Monday, November 4, 2013

Discussion between myself and Wallace Kingston, please join us!

I posted this post in response to a question my friend, Wallace Kingston asked me on my Facebook Page. He asked me what I think about parasites being the "end all" in lyme treatment...this is what I said.

"I'm scared to post my real feelings here on facebook.. I really don't believe we have the answers yet. Every couple months there is some "new thing" that is going to cure us..and it never does. XMRV, KPU, CCSVI, MTHFR, and on and on. People aren't getting well enough on abx and several of my friends died while on treatment. So for me, I think we need to stop fighting for long term abx and fight for research, start from the ground up. But I don't know who will do that. It seems people are either idsa slanted or ilads slanted..I don't think either has the answers yet. If they did, we wouldn't all be here on my page anymore. We'd be out living life. I see too many people say they are better, when I think we just get used to it, or our bodies just start repairing by themselves, not necessarily cuz of the treatment we are on. Too many times I see people say they are in remissi
on and then a year later they are back here, sick again.

I mean lyme waxes and wanes, thats what it does. I have good and bad periods and I haven't done treatment in years, other then juicing.

Which brings me to my next point. I watch people cycle through abx, herbs, supplement, rife and all the goodies. But what ends up happening is when they get off all the meds, and start eating healthy,which I know is totally hard to do, they start becoming functional me. I am still sick..don't get me wrong..but since i started juicing..i am functional.

But then again, it seems like each person responds to something different, so who am I to say. Some people swear by abx, some by herbs, some by rife, some by ozone... this is so damn complicated that I don't know how anyone can ever figure it out. 

Sometimes I think it's a "spiritual" disease. Like the universe is trying to tell us to quit spraying chem trails, stop putting pesticides in our foods, stop using poison everywhere, in our food, in the air, stop vaccinating ourselves with all kinds of crap..what am I missing?'s like our body is being hit at every angle with something not good for us. Maybe it's time to get back to basics..and then we will all be healthy again. 

Aren't you glad you asked me now?"

I decided to post this on here because it got such a big response on Facebook. Some people agreeing, some not, some saying nothing is helping them and maybe even making them worse, and some saying that one treatment or other cured them. The diversity in answers just goes to prove my point further..We are all different, we are all responding to more then just "Lyme." If we all had the same exact issues we would respond to the same treatment. But we are all suffering from "poisoned bodies." Between chem trails, air pollution, vaccinations that we have gotten, the foods we eat, the bacterias, virsuses, parasites each of us has been exposed to, maybe Lyme being what lowered our immune system making it hard to fight all of the above, I'd say we are all guinea pigs right now. I would say that none of us know the "for sure" way to get rid of Lyme or whatever it is we are suffering from. 

Please add your opinions below. Don't feel bad to agree or disagree, these are just my personal opinions from my own personal experience. We would love to continue this discussion and hear everyone's opinions.

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