Monday, January 7, 2013

Different Kinds of Shaking/Tremors with Lyme

I am not a medical professional or anything like that. The only reason I am doing this post is so that others with Lyme or other related diseases realize they are not alone. Whenever I mention I get these weird symptoms on Facebook I am flooded with emails saying things like, "wow I thought I was alone in these weird feelings, I was scared to even tell my doctor!" So on that note, here is some things that I feel that I believe are related to lyme or the inflammation caused by whatever the heck we all have, be it lyme or some other neurological issue.

1. Outward shaky~ This one is self explanatory. It's when you hold your hand out and can visibly see yourself shaking.

2. Internal shaking~ This is when I feel the sense that I'm shaking, but I can't visibly see it.

3. Internal Tremor~ This is more like a buzzing feeling. I feel like there is an electric current running through me. It can be through my whole body, just in my head or in any extremity. I wake up in the morning with this really bad sometimes. Also experience this after any physical exertion. If I try to exercise, I get this so extremely bad that I cannot walk or function. Showering also causes this. I also experience this after eating sometimes.

4. Quaking~ I totally made up this word to describe what my head feels like sometimes. It is usually when I wake up I have what feels like, well the only way I can think of explaining it is like plates in the earth shifting. I know that sounds crazy. But it's like something is rubbing against themselves and shifting back and forth in my head. This is also accompanied by a sound, a deep low pitched noise that I first think is something on the outside. Like at first I always think it's coming from in back of me, like a truck backing up sort of...but then I realize it's in my head and noone else can hear it. Within seconds of hearing it, I feel the "quaking" feeling.

All of the tremors are usually associated with extreme neck pain and stiffness and head pressure, ear pressure, jaw pressure and swollen eyes.

I also get a feeling sometimes like I am out of my body. I feel like I'm way above myself and it is accompanied  by a dream like state. I feel like nothing is reality, or like I'm in a tunnel watching everything from far away.

One more strange sensation that I feel is like I'm about to leave my body. It's a feeling like my whole soul is vibrating and trying to escape this sick body. When I get this I really feel like I have one foot in the physical world, and one in the spirit world. Like it's that time to go Home. Again, I know it sounds crazy but this is just my experience of what I feel and I wanted to share it with others so they may not feel so alone or scared if they experience it themselves and they are too scared to talk about it.

If you experience anything like this or something different you want to try to explain please feel free to leave it in the comments below.


  1. The internal shaking is something I've tried explaining to Doctors more than once. Usually it feels like my heart is trying to explode out of my chest at the same time - but I'm told my heart beat is normal.

  2. Hi,
    I came here looking for info on Lyme + tremors. Yikes, all I can say is, there but for the grace of God go I.... I'd be considered very late stage (probably 10, 11 years ... Just now figuring this out ... Going through old journals now, trying to reconstruct symptom chronology).

    Besides the tiny muscle tremors I get from eating my allergenic foods, I have only had brief episodes of tremors so far at came along with other apprent Lyme manifeststions such as head pressure ("aseptic" meningitis?), dizziness, numb/tingling arms and hands, and tachycardia. hope this does not signify a worsening. I wonder in fact if it may have been part of a herx, since I did recently start doing some herbs with antibacterial effects. Very confusing! Meanwhile, it's all I can manage to just try to get properly diagnosed.
    I hope you are doing better since you wrote this entry and that you are sticking around in this world .... Lots of us may need your help!

  3. To describe further, my tremors were basically just a few minutes of severe hand tremors (think bad case of MS or Parkinson's) after getting up in the morning. I remember thinking "Great, now I'm gonna become one of those Lyme seizure people like in that documentary!" this happened a couple of mornings the week before last.

    Thankfully, it has not happened since, which makes me believe I've either beat back this symptom with all the stuff I'm jammin down my pie hole (superfoods herbs etc) or it was a herx reaction!

  4. I get the internal shakes but also get episodes of having a mini seizure. My stomach muscles contact and then its like it explodes through my body.They only last for a few seconds but they are repetitive and last for about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards I feel as if I have done a lot of sit ups and my abdomen muscles are sore.

  5. I've had tremors.numb face, severe migraines and bad tremor. and joint pain. I have seen six different doctors and no results.But I did find a natural herb doctor in Walker mn so hoping for better results

    1. BAdge, try to contact some of these support groups under this link and see if anyone can direct you to a lyme specialist in your area. I hope you find some answers! I still experience this stuff too and it really sucks.

  6. I have severe tremors, cannot stand for long because if l did my muscles freeze and then l cant move, also get the internal tremors. When l sit down there are no tremors, so its also related to the chronic fatigue l feel when trying to do anything. I have been ill all my life and l am now 66 yrs old.. Remember having a slight tremor in the hand when l was a teenager. Only realised it could be Lyme disease 12 months ago, so am now under a Chinese herbalist.