Friday, May 18, 2012

In case you didn't catch the 20/20 segment on Lyme Disease, here is a small segment:

What was good about the show: 

It brings about awareness about Lyme Disease. It also educates people on how Lyme symtpoms are always different in each person. One person may have sore joints, while the next has memory issues. There are no one set of symptoms for tick borne diseases. I was also glad to see co infections brought up.

What I'd like to see changed for future shows
, is that first of all, stop asking people if they are faking it. You would never ask a cancer patient that! Elaina did a good job defending herself, but why shoudl she have to? 

Secondly, why is Lyme always lumped in with such things as eating rocks? This is a serious disease. It can be fatal. Why not put it on a show all of it's own, or among cancer or HIV shows?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tick Safety and Lyme Prevention

Starring in this video is the little tick I found on my neck yesterday morning. Hope it doesn't creep you out too bad!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adding an Awareness Ribbon on Your Picture or Turning Your Picture Green Instructions

Turn Your Picture Green
Click on one of these photo editing sites
Luna Pic
Be Funky

To Make Cool Text
Click below:
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or Click Below:

To Add A Ribbon
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Just click one of these links to add a ribbon onto your profile picture. You can design your own here to. You just need a picture to upload.

Just a Plain Ribbon
Lyme Awareness Month Pin
Rest In Peace Ribbon

Rest In Peace Bigger
I Will Beat This

Hope, Faith, Love, Cure Pin Pin Pin
Lyme Awareness Month Pin
Lyme Awareness
Warning Lyme Rage Pin
Caution Lyme Rage Pin

Lyme Rage
Screw Lyme Disease
Screw Lyme

Tick Pin for your Profile Picture
Anti-Tick Pin

Check For Ticks
We Need A Cure

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