Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please Sign this Lyme Petition!

From Lucretia Perilli, creator of this petition:
 "Just look at these latest comments on the Social Security Administration/Lyme disease petition. Heartbreaking. Please sign, share, whatever it takes. We are now over 1,700."

- To have to fight the doctors and agencies that are supposed to help and support us in our time of dire need is unconscionable! Please do what is morally and ethically correct and help the millions of us suffer a little less! - has ruined my career

 - Please put Lyme disease in SSA's Blue Book. It is such a horrific disease, that totally takes over the body. It takes year to diagnose and then years to treat.

- I have seen first-hand how Lyme disease has ravaged the lives of some of my closest friends. It is insideous, destructive, and debilitating--financially and medically. It is a medical crisis of the highest priority.

 - My whole family suffers everyday with this Disease. We fight to get to stay alive and learn to function with limitations.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Different Kinds of Shaking/Tremors with Lyme

I am not a medical professional or anything like that. The only reason I am doing this post is so that others with Lyme or other related diseases realize they are not alone. Whenever I mention I get these weird symptoms on Facebook I am flooded with emails saying things like, "wow I thought I was alone in these weird feelings, I was scared to even tell my doctor!" So on that note, here is some things that I feel that I believe are related to lyme or the inflammation caused by whatever the heck we all have, be it lyme or some other neurological issue.

1. Outward shaky~ This one is self explanatory. It's when you hold your hand out and can visibly see yourself shaking.

2. Internal shaking~ This is when I feel the sense that I'm shaking, but I can't visibly see it.

3. Internal Tremor~ This is more like a buzzing feeling. I feel like there is an electric current running through me. It can be through my whole body, just in my head or in any extremity. I wake up in the morning with this really bad sometimes. Also experience this after any physical exertion. If I try to exercise, I get this so extremely bad that I cannot walk or function. Showering also causes this. I also experience this after eating sometimes.

4. Quaking~ I totally made up this word to describe what my head feels like sometimes. It is usually when I wake up I have what feels like, well the only way I can think of explaining it is like plates in the earth shifting. I know that sounds crazy. But it's like something is rubbing against themselves and shifting back and forth in my head. This is also accompanied by a sound, a deep low pitched noise that I first think is something on the outside. Like at first I always think it's coming from in back of me, like a truck backing up sort of...but then I realize it's in my head and noone else can hear it. Within seconds of hearing it, I feel the "quaking" feeling.

All of the tremors are usually associated with extreme neck pain and stiffness and head pressure, ear pressure, jaw pressure and swollen eyes.

I also get a feeling sometimes like I am out of my body. I feel like I'm way above myself and it is accompanied  by a dream like state. I feel like nothing is reality, or like I'm in a tunnel watching everything from far away.

One more strange sensation that I feel is like I'm about to leave my body. It's a feeling like my whole soul is vibrating and trying to escape this sick body. When I get this I really feel like I have one foot in the physical world, and one in the spirit world. Like it's that time to go Home. Again, I know it sounds crazy but this is just my experience of what I feel and I wanted to share it with others so they may not feel so alone or scared if they experience it themselves and they are too scared to talk about it.

If you experience anything like this or something different you want to try to explain please feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Note from Dr Jernigan on Healing

Reposted with Dr Jernigan's permission:
To read more from Dr Jernigan visit his facebook page:
Health tip of the day: This is the second tip in a series on understanding what it really takes to get the quality of life back that was lost due to infections, such as Lyme disease. So much has been written by doctors and researchers about how to kill bacteria and dissolve biofilms.

It has been ingrained into our core beliefs that in Lyme Disease and other chronic infections that a person will not get well until all the bacteria are killed. This is a myth in medicine.

I guarantee that even if you could be irradiated, like a hunk of meat, and kill every single Lyme bacteria instantly, you would still have most if not all of your symptoms for a long time, if that was all you did. Health is not the absence of bacteria. It is the restoration of optimum coherence on every level of human existence.

While bringing down the bacterial population is desirable, the reality is that you will be well when the structural integrity and function integrity of the entire human organism has be restored.

So many people are dutifully taking their antibiotics, either prescription or botanticals, and running frequencies to kill various bacteria, and have been doing so for years wondering why they are not feeling any better.

For those of you who are doing a very much comprehensive approach and are still not getting well, that just means that either your doctors are missing some key issue, or time is what is needed for the body's tissues to heal.

I ask that you consider every infection you have ever had. Generally, you might have taken an antibiotic for a short time, or just waited, and your body got over it. All of the bacteria and viruses were not completely killed, yet your body was able to control them and restore the balance.

Following are examples of various doctors who have achieved lasting health restoration in many people previously diagnosed with LD by identifying the primary areas of interference. 

It must be understood that optimum health is the point at which the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly to any changes in their internal and external environment. Loss of this adaptability arises prior to the occurrence of what is known as LD. 

Every aspect of the human condition must be explored, identified, and corrected at its source before lasting health can restored. 

Latent or recent infection with Lyme bacteria leading to the eventual diagnosis of LD, in each case, is secondary to the underlying interferences from either inherited or acquired disturbances to adaption.

Dr. Osvaldo Font, M.D. in Puerto Rico, who was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his development of Electro-Neuro-Medullar Therapy, has identified an electrical resistance or blockage in the spinal cord, which causes a short-circuit in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Once this accumulated energy is discharged and the current is restored, the neurological symptoms and pain fall away. It has been reported that Dr. Font’s treatments have facilitated almost 500 people to be able to get out of their wheelchairs, many of whom were previously thought to be suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

Dr. E. Mark Haacke, Ph.D. is the inventor of MRI-angiography, and is the leading expert on measuring the blood flow dynamics of the neurovascular system. He is the founder of International Society of Neurovascular Disease (www.isnvd.org) Dr. Haacke has research data soon to be published that defines findings associated degenerative neurological conditions such as MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases that are often associated with LD. His research reveals disturbances in vascular flow in the veins of the brain and neck, the ultimate correction of which has restored neurological function in people with previously diagnosed with M.S. symptoms, neurological diseases, autonomic disorders, pain syndromes, and Lyme disease.

There are many other doctors that could be mentioned for demonstrating how what was thought to be completely an infectious disease is actually a loss of adaption in the body, possibly set in motion originally by infection. 

Every doctor trained in the healing philosophies of Biological Medicine is accustomed to seeing often rapid, and transformative restorations of health after correcting everything that is interfering with the body’s own restorative abilities.

The point here is to show that once the diagnosis is made of Lyme disease, 99% of doctors focus their primary efforts toward annihilating the bacteria and coinfections, and all of the other treatments revolve around that primary focus. 

In chronic Lyme disease especially, it appears that the center of focus must be placed on restoring optimum coherence within the body, with the microbial issues being addressed as a secondary focus.

It is interesting that many people who would have adamantly defended the fact that they are sick because they have Lyme disease, had to agree that in the end the treatment of bacteria ultimately played only a small role in the restoring of their quality of life, once they were restored to health through the efforts of the doctors of the type presented herein.

Treat the human condition and health will follow. Treat the bugs and more bugs will follow.

Stay tuned we are not even close to being done with this series of Health Tips. :-)