Thursday, August 22, 2013

Understanding Brain Fog

Trying to explain to family and friends what it is like to experience brain fog can be quite challenging. Many times we are told we have "mental problems" or we are getting "alzheimers" or that we are just plain "crazy."

Trying to live while sick and experiencing this debilitating symptom is hard enough, but to be under constant judgement of this and other symptoms just adds insult to injury.

Brain fog can be explained in a number of ways, it can be a little different for each person. Here is a couple different ways I have experience it, or heard other friends of mine with chronic illness explain it.

1. It's hard to think. Literally like there is a fog in your head. You just feel blank. You feel like you could just  sit and stare at the walls and do nothing. Any kind of task seems overwhelming. Everything is confusing, Adding 2+2 becomes a task. You can't remember basic things like tying your shoe.

2. Feels like you are between wake/dream state. Nothing seems reality. It feels like you are drifting between conscious and  unconscious. I have described it as I feel like I'm in a coma, or about to be. I can hear what's going on around me but feel detached from it all.

3. Feels like you are in a tunnel. Everything seems so far away. Vision doesn't seem right, sound seems far away, everything is a blur. Like #2 you feel detached, like you are in a tunnel and everyone else is at the other end.

Feel free to add more of what your experiences in the comments below. 

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just My Personal Opinion about Where Things are Heading in the Lyme World

I got diagnosed back in 2005 with Lyme Disease. Since then activism has been very slow moving, and by that I don't mean the activists or the countless events they are doing. I mean the acknowledgement by anyone outside of the Lyme community to Lyme and other tick borne diseases being a serious issue.  But I have to say, this year, in 2013, I'm seeing some changes. They might seem small, but I'm  happy at any baby steps I see. Here are some of the things I am talking about. 

* I see news articles coming out about different co infections such as Powassan Virus, Borrelia miyamotoi, Heartland Virus are spreading through the states.
Powassan Virus-
Heartland Virus-

* I see different researchers starting to admit that other hosts may be responsible for the spread of tick borne diseases, such as lone stars now passing Lyme,
Big Discovery- Lone Ticks also Pass Lyme

* I see them admitting that tick borne diseases can be passed in the blood supply.
CDC research article-

9 Year Old Boy Gets Erlichiosis through Blood Transfusion-

This is due to all of you Lyme warriors out there. Those of you who are still sick but keep on fighting, and those family members and friends that are out there fighting for us. Fighting to spread the TRUTH on what we are going through. Let's keep the momentum going, letters, petitions, rallies, protests, green ribbons, lyme's all making a difference!

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