Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please Sign this Lyme Petition!

From Lucretia Perilli, creator of this petition:
 "Just look at these latest comments on the Social Security Administration/Lyme disease petition. Heartbreaking. Please sign, share, whatever it takes. We are now over 1,700."

- To have to fight the doctors and agencies that are supposed to help and support us in our time of dire need is unconscionable! Please do what is morally and ethically correct and help the millions of us suffer a little less! - has ruined my career

 - Please put Lyme disease in SSA's Blue Book. It is such a horrific disease, that totally takes over the body. It takes year to diagnose and then years to treat.

- I have seen first-hand how Lyme disease has ravaged the lives of some of my closest friends. It is insideous, destructive, and debilitating--financially and medically. It is a medical crisis of the highest priority.

 - My whole family suffers everyday with this Disease. We fight to get to stay alive and learn to function with limitations.

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