Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Lyme Projects In The Works

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Project # 1. Cards For Kids~ A project to send cards to kids who are sick.
Please click here to learn more about this project. Basically we will be listing kids who are suffering from different illnesses and who could use a little cheering up. If you would be interested in sending a card them please check it out. If you know someone who would benefit from this, please click on the link and submit the information about the child. Thank you! 

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Project # 2. For Facebook Users~
Click on the link and Tag the State you Live in to find Lymies near you~ There are maps for every state, every Province, every continent. Please join in. Let's show everyone how many people are infected in each state/country.
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Project # 3. Faces Of Lyme~ Part 3~ Children with Lyme Video. This is the third in a
series of Faces Of Lyme Videos that I've made. This one will feature just kids.
I just need a picture or two of your child with a sentence or two about their situation. You can put factual information, like, "sick for five years,"or you can put "the human side" like, "watching his soccer team from the sidelines." Whatever you are comfortable sharing about your child's  journey through Lyme.

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Project # 4. "Rally Around The World" for Lyme Disease. We are trying to put   
together a rally that will be on the same day in the United States and Canada
and any other country that would like to be involved. We would like a peacefully
Lyme Awareness Rally to be in front of every Capitol in every state and
Providence. We will need a team leader and committee in each state. I haven't
made a page yet for this but when I do I will keep you posted.

Project # 5 "Telling Youre Lyme Story Through Pictures"
I am  collecting pictures for this. It can be
* one or two picture
* a collage of pictures
* before/after lyme
* during lyme
* treatment pictures
* herxing

 Here is where I am putting the pictures.

Send pictures to:

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