Saturday, April 14, 2012

My personal feelings on the Dr Phil show

When Dr Phil first started talking about Lyme Disease, I almost lost it. I almost went into a panic attack or some kind of shock. Just hearing the words "Lyme Disease" being spoken for the first time on a popular mainstream tv show seemed surreal. In the several years that we Lymies have been fighting to be heard and taken seriously, it was the FIRST time I ever felt like someone who could make a difference was doing something about it. And it was Dr Phil.

I really want to show my appreciation for Dr. Chitra Bhakta, Stephanie, Kathy and Brooke for going on the show and speaking up on the behalf of Lymies everywhere. Brooke could easily choose to keep it quiet as to not hurt her career, even though I know she has never done that, and on the contrary. Dr Bhakta could of not chosen to be on the show out of fear of repercussions that we all know. My own drs have had their license taken away as I write this. Stephanie no doubt, knew that people would question her and call her seizures fake and that she is just addicted to drugs. All these women and Kathy are sooo brave to come forward and we truly appeciate it. We all know it wasn't easy at all for any of you to do under the stigma of Lyme Disease, not to mention that you all probably felt really sick!

So, thank you!

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