Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lyme Disease Memorials~ Videos and Sites

Here's the links to my Lyme Disease Memorial Videos and website. They are all the same just different music so if someone wants to add their own they can or they can pick which one they want to play at which walks or benefits..

Lyme Memorial with rock/country songs
Lyme Memorial with no music
Lyme Memorial with classical music

Heres the online memorial that you can leave comments on each person who passed pictures...

Another online memorial~

They are geared more towards nonlyme people..i know that a lymie might not be able to sit and watch this and read everything, but I wanted to make them so that they could be played and loop at events on a background screen or whatever.

Lisa Hilton

Memorial  Video with Rock/Country Music

Memorial Video with No Music (Add your own playlist at events)

Memorial Video with Classical Music

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