Monday, March 26, 2012

Tick Cards To Pass Out In May!

Lyme Awareness Ideas
People ask me all the time what they can do to help spread Lyme Disease Awareness. So here is a couple things I do each year. I am listing just the simpler things that people who are really pretty sick still can do. At the bottom I'll put a link to a more extensive list. But if you feel like me right now, simpler is better! So here are some tips.

Order Tick Cards on Zazzle~ Here is an example of one I made, but you can make your own. You can design them and not only purchase them, but you can list them for sale and you will even make a buck or two if someone orders yours. Each time someone orders anything of mine on Zazzle I just use the money as a credit to order more Zazzle items throughout the year, so that in May I have a stockpile of lyme awareness items to pass out.

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You can also order Brochures from LDA and they are free for up to 200! Just go visit Order Brochures

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Keep an eye on the Letter Campaigns! 

This site my friend Kenny and Bambi runs, puts together great Lyme Awareness Letter Writing Campaigns. We can all do this from home!

If you are feeling up to doing more, here is a list of different things you can do, such as walks, Ribbons Across America Campaign, and a calendar to what others are doing. Check out your state and see if anything is going on in your area!
 Ideas For Lyme Awareness Month

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