Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sick of the Lyme Situation

You know the more I learn about Lyme, the less I know. I'm really sick of it, trying to understand something that is way over our heads, something that doctors can care less about, lyme, co infections, viruses, parasites, toxins and everyone arguing over it. The truth is none of us know shit about it, otherwise we'd all be cured, yet here we are sitting here trying our best to figure it out, because the medical community is just ignoring us. Shame on the United States for this. The IDSA/CDC is affecting how the whole world is being treated. Karma sucks..and at this point I have to rely on karma to throw justice at these guys who are causing suffering and torture to millions across the world. It should not be patients trying to sit here, through their own brain fog and sickiness trying to figure this out, it should be the medical community, researchers and all the organizations sworn to help us! This is ridiculous, this whole situation.

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