Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let Your Voice be Heard on CNN

Please click on these articles and be heard.

1. Lyme Disease and Suicide, an Ignored Problem~ An article that talks about the issues we as Lyme patients or family members of Lyme patients, have to cope with when we watch our friends or family members commit suicide. Click Here to Leave Your Comment

2. Mayday 2013, Lyme Disease Rally in Washington DC~ CNN actually noticed this story. Now as we are planning on Mayday 2014 we should start asking them to pay attention again. Click Here to Leave Your Comment

3. Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest~ This article was written last year in regards to the WWLDAP. Now that planning is taking place again, let's all get their attention and leave as many comments as possible either telling them how the protests affected them last year, or how they expect them to change things this year. Click Here to Leave Your Comments.

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  1. My name is jodi Osler.. Undiagnosed and misdiagnosed and abandoned by medical professionals, positive results and 28 lousy days of doxy after having been STRUCKBDOWN with this disease! Its sooooo important for u to be at the mayday project for awareness that this is a rapidly spreading epidemic,more accurate testing,better treatments,and better cures!!! We didn't ask for this disease,we are to be treated like human beings ,not animals. Ive been to 35 SPECIALISTS!GRUEING test after test ,I now suffer thru pain and sickness so deep. Ive seen very dark days where I contiplated suicide. I dont want to die! I want to live! I have a beautiful family and grandson! Please be there. I'll be there. Ive joined the mayday project. So many people so very sick without treatment . losing there homes trying to cure themselves! We shudnt have to pay out of our pockets to get better! I have my own support group JODI'S Battle with lyme. I'm rallying up as many as I can! I want my life back! I refuse to be treated this way by supposed medical professionals. Something has to be done. This disease verybwell could turn into a pandemic! Cdc faulty tests. The controversy and conspiracy must end! Thank u soooooo much for being there!!! There is hope! Hod bless you!