Monday, August 6, 2012

The Perfect Storm

People always ask me why I named my blog, "The Perfect Storm." Well the answer is because I don't think that what is making us sick is "just" Lyme. I believe it is a combination of factors. I believe it is bacteria, viruses, pollution, toxins, chemicals, pesticides, chem trails and a whole slew of other things that factor in to chronic illness. Thus creating, "The Perfect Storm," for us to become chronically ill.

I think that is why many of us don't seem to be getting better. It may have all been set off by a tick bite, or however you might of gotten exposed to Lyme, but that is only the beginning of this story. What happens next seems to spiral into a much more complex beast.

I don't believe there is a cure for what we have yet. I don't believe we know exactly what it even is yet.  I do believe we need more research.

But on that note, I do believe we can do certain things to help us to heal. I believe changing our lifestyle and diet is #1. But that's a whole other blog and journey I am embarking on. If you would like to follow that please visit "Eating My Way To Better Health.