Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Letters Campaign

Letters For Lyme! Letter Writing Campaign

This campaign in going on now. From Oct 14 until Oct 28, 2011.

The IDSA continues to deny the existence of Chronic Lyme Disease and the severity of the growing Lyme Disease epidemic throughout the world. This letter-writing campaign is about exposing the lies being thrown at the public, putting everyone's health at risk. This is going to be a broad spectrum campaign that will include many different contacts.

Help to bring the ID$A's conflicts of interest and greed-driven $cience to light- let your voice be heard!

As in our previous campaigns we will once again be using a form letter. To access the form letter or to see our list of where to send your letters/emails, go to:

Letters For Lyme Blog Spot

Where To Send The Letters

This event is open to patients as well as family and friends.
For More Information go to these links:

Facebook Group for "Letters For Lyme"

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