Friday, June 15, 2012

Ideas For Parents Who Are Home Sick With Kids

Tips On Keeping The Kids Busy

1. Have your child make a list of relatives that they love. Give them a couple coloring books and have them color a picture for each of the people they chose and mail them the page they colored for them.
Benefit: This should afford you a one hour nap plus keep kids in contact with family members that probably avoid you now.

2. Find any outside group activities going on in your neighborhood such as churches or summer schools and see if you can get your child into a car pool.
Benefit: A couple hour nap, maybe even a detox bath, in peace.

3. Netflex and books on tape will give you some nice time with your kids where you won't have to be active.
Benefit: Quality, but quiet time with your children.

4. Simple homemade toys such as a ball maze  or make a fort they can play quietly in.
Benefit: Helps them to be creative and it's a good way to get an older sibling to help the younger ones.

5. Two words: chalkboard paint! You can paint a wall, a door, a table or anything you want with this. It will keep them busy for hours!
Downfall: You have to be able to paint a wall or door or table. Benefit: This is something they  can play with over and over..Just wipe the slate clean and  start over again.

Please post any ideas you have in the comments.

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